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The best wholesale sources? Find out if Salehoo really provides true wholesale providers that allow you to turn a profit on eBay...

Former eBay Powerseller Reveals The Raw Truth About Salehoo - Will He Finally Be a Believer In Wholesale Directories Or Cast Salehoo Into His Pile Of Junk Wholesale Providers?...


From the desk of: Gary Ruplinger
Tuesday 2:34pm
Re: Is Salehoo worth the money?


Fellow Reseller,

Let me tell you what I think about so called "wholesale" resources. 

I hate wholesale resources.  I made a living on eBay by not buying these wholesale guides.  I worked hard to find other ways to purchase my products.  

Every time I'd buy a list of wholesale providers, I'd get burned.  One of three things always happened. 

1) The list of wholesalers was bogus.  They were just middlemen.  There prices were way too high to even break even selling on eBay much less make a profit

2) They were a true wholesaler.  Except there minimum order was so high that I'd have to sell my house just to place one order with them. 

3) I'd get good prices and make a profit, and then find out the wholesaler only had limited quantities available at that price.  I couldn't order more.

So when I was told about Salehoo having actual wholesale resources and that there minimum orders were low, and I could buy repeatedly from them, I said, "YEAH RIGHT!"

Been There - Done That.

Then they told me, "No, really.  Go to their website and check it out. "

So, being the nice guy that I am, I went and took a look at their website. 

And when I get there I'm greeted by this headline:

At this point I'm thinking, "Nice headline.  But I better see some evidence to backup the claim pretty quick or I'm leaving."

Fortunately for them, I saw some pictures right below that had some popular items listed with their wholesale prices.  The prices were pretty good.  I immediately found a couple items that I could make some money on if I were selling on eBay so I proceeded to read on.

I got a little further down the page and saw something that actually got me a little excited.  They have several Chinese suppliers.  To me that means really cheap prices.  I was actually starting to think it might want to unretire from eBay and try some of this stuff out.  I was never able to find true Chinese suppliers back when I was active.

I kept on reading and saw that they also have suppliers for ultra popular items like the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.  At this point, I decided what the heck, I'll take a look and see if these guys can really back this stuff up.  If they can't I can get my money back within 60 days.

I placed my order and received my login information and into the site I went. 

I spent a little time looking around, and was actually pretty impressed.  I found those Chinese suppliers listed right away.  I was able to easily find every single item they featured on their sales page at the price they listed or lower.  I was even able to find a place where I could buy Ipods in small lots (about 40 or so) at really good prices. 

They even had a forum there for me where I could go and ask about any item I couldn't find.  They were surprisingly responsive.  Within a day one of the moderators would reply with a list of wholesalers for the item I was looking for. 

Honestly, I was pretty impressed with site.  I was able to find a lot of items I could easily resell for a quick profit on eBay.  I really started to wish that there had been a site like this when I was still an active Powerseller.

With as many items I found that I found I could sell profitably, I found a lot more that were what I consider marginal products to sell.  By that I mean, they're mostly break even products if you sell your products at the average selling price. 
For me, that's enough to buy the product because during my days as a Powerseller, my specialty was in getting premium prices for my items.  I had a whole arsenal of tricks and methods to getting premium prices for the items I sold.  Learning how to sell your products for more than your competition is what I feel is the key to long term success on eBay. 
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To Your Success,

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Gary Ruplinger
Former eBay Powerseller


Date published: 10/03/2012
5 / 5 stars